FileMaker Fever

Introducing FileMaker Fever

I’ve been blogging on Tech Ronin for about a year now, really love blogging and enjoy participating in the blogging community. I’ve been a full-time FileMaker consultant since 1986 and introduced a FileMaker-based product called Studio Manager about eight years ago. I live and breathe FileMaker as my primary source of career expression and income.

So, when an awesome, exciting and very different new version of FileMaker – FileMaker Pro 7 – was released on March 9th, I started thinking about devoting a whole blog to the subject since I knew there would be much content to put here.

All sorts of new developments and ideas and techniques are and will continue to come out of this big new technology and I wanted to be there for it – first hand – telling the story to people who love FileMaker like I do. I’ll be introducing what I’ve found so far in the next weeks and then keep you up to date as more unfolds.

Things I’ve written recently about FileMaker 7:
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