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FileMaker Pro and Server 15 Updates Make for macOS Sierra Compatibility

See the details over at my Studio Manager blog: FileMaker Pro 15 Update Out – Cleared for macOS Sierra.

For myself, I’m waiting a while. Since I often help clients move from older versions of FileMaker Pro to newer versions, I like being compatible with as many versions of FileMaker as possible and that is dictated by which OS your are running.

It also never hurts to be conservative about new software where a mission critical database is concerned. See my blog post above for more details on these considerations.

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If it Works, it’s Obsolete


I was just reading the #2-rated pdf manifesto over at Change This. The manifesto is entitled This I Believe! – Tom Peters 60 TIBs that he wrote right around his 60th birthday. I found the above quote by Marshall McLuhan applicable to FileMaker 7 and my product, which is still in Beta, Studio Manager 7. FileMaker 6 is solid as a rock and 7 still has teething problems here and there. FileMaker 6 is obsolete – it’s not built with FileMaker 7. Same for Studio Manager 4.6. If McLuhan could say this in the sixties, I hate to guess how utterly true it is now. Food for thought.

The work of building Studio Manager 7 has been monumental. But, I’m so glad that FileMaker Inc. had the courage and vision to create such a big, progressive, ground-up re-write of FileMaker that I would find the work so compelling. The possibilities so exciting. I thought Studio Manager 4 was a big deal. Little did I know…