FileMaker 19 Macintosh

FileMaker 19 on Big Sur

M1 MacBook Air Dec 7

Lucky me, Claris released FileMaker Pro 19.2 about a week ago and tweaked it to work even better on Big Sur than it did on 19.1. I am careful on these things, so have opened anything precious over the network on my current FileMaker Server 18 running Mac mini 2018. It has worked flawlessly on 19.2. And, I also do run “old” not mission critical things – like backup copies directly on my M1 Air. And they’ve been working great on 19.2 and Big Sur 11.1.

MacOS Version Support

Now, just like usual, Claris supports 2-3 MacOS versions at a time. Until Big Sur came out, FileMaker 19 was certified by Claris to run on two: MacOS 10.14 Mojave and MacOS 10.15 Catalina. But now that FileMaker is getting more version point releases, Claris and FileMaker were ready for Big Sur. So we have MacOS Big Sur 11.1. Always get those little point releases on a new MacOS.

Big Sur and FileMaker Pro 19.2

It’s running well and this is on my several Macs in addition to my new M1 MacBook Air. FileMaker 19 is the winner vs. 18. You don’t need to wait. That is unless you aren’t running at least Mojave.

FileMaker 19 Technical Specs19

This is the link for you:

FileMaker 19 Documentation

OK, this is ALL of Claris’ Documentation in one page, just click FileMaker 19 once you get there. This is the rest of Claris’ documentation on FileMaker 19 to answer any other questions you may have. Definitely check this out too.

FileMaker Go 19 Speed

My new baby: iPad Air 4

This is an extra. In case you weren’t using an iPad to access your FileMaker files over a network, you may be blown away by the speed in a local area network situation. Way, way faster. It’s possible your mileage will vary, but I doubt it! FileMaker Go 19 is really smooth.

P.S. I do tend to acquire new iPads from time to time and the speed of the iPad Air 4 is a new high. But, I also have the 2018 iPad Pro 11 which gives it a run for its money speed wise plus even better graphics. You could say I wasted my money on the iPad Air 4, but its a pandemic and I love the green!