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Cheap FileMaker 7 Resellers Breaking the Rules

FileMaker 7As many of you know, I am the first one to ferret out a cheap copy of FileMaker 7. I like a deal and many have been offered on the Net of late. Well, apparently, many of these resellers with unbelievably low prices are selling illegitimate copies.

There have always been spammers out there selling software at ridiculously low prices and I ignored them. But I was taken in by these CD-Only resellers who were operating so openly with Google ads and telling stories that they buy in very large volume, etc.. I wanted to believe these were legit deals and encouraged my readers to check them out.

I was wrong. I just recently received a FileMaker Solutions Alliance mailing from FileMaker Inc. informing members about the problem. FileMaker says they only sell full versions of FileMaker to resellers, not CD-Only versions. Even when the CD artwork looks authentic, it may be a well-done counterfeit.

As a supporter and fan of FileMaker Inc. and as a developer of FileMaker applications, I can’t and won’t knowingly support any reseller who is operating outside legal bounds when it comes to this issue. I want FileMaker to keep getting better and I want excellent support. Each of those things depends on minimizing this kind of counterfeiting and other kinds of piracy.

Since I don’t have the time to adequately research the various special offers for FileMaker on the Net, I won’t be flagging these kinds of things in the future. From now on, I’ll be careful to only make recommendations on sure thing legit FileMaker deals.

FileMaker 7 for $107.99 at Hardcore Mac

I was googling for FileMaker-compatible credit card authorization software and saw this ad from Hardcore Mac at in the Google adsense ads. You get a full original CD and a serial number, no user manual. Seems legit. Several readers have saved thousands on some of the other deals I noted on this site and thanked me. I can’t vouch for the vendor but I would be surprised if it’s not OK. The other contact information is – (702) 307-6251 – (702) 307-8774 fax.

They say the CD runs on Windows and Mac OS X. Even though I really have enough copies of FileMaker 7 already, I’m tempted to get another copy at these prices. Also, of course, FileMaker has a special deal on FileMaker going on called “Buy one FileMaker, give one Free” that amounts to selling the product with manual for $150. But that has some hoops to go through and you’ve got to coordinate with someone else. As usual, I make nothing on this referral. Just wanted to let you all know.

FileMaker 7 and 6 hot deals

FM7_Box_SmallI was surprised to see that eDirect Software is selling FileMaker 7 for Windows full copies CD-only without the manual and box for $109.99. They are also selling FileMaker 6 for $69.99. I got directed by a Google ad on FM Forums. You can call them toll free at 866-449-5567. I’m not making money off this in case you are wondering. Just an amazing offer if you are in the market for FileMaker 6 or 7.

I haven’t bought from eDirect before but they’ve got something that says “Overall Store Rating: 5 stars Amazon Marketplace” featured prominently and my guess is that they couldn’t get away with that if it weren’t true. Worth checking out if you need some extra copies of 6 or 7 for Windows.