Hello friend. This is the home for my long-time FileMaker Fever blog that was originally hosted on TypePad. I will share some of the exciting and useful things I’ve been learning here. Enjoy!

Contact Me:

  • 415 789-5219 (my business iPhone)
  • janet@tokerud.com or tokerud@me.com

I’m a FileMaker professional with interests in:

  • FileMaker Go – making great things happen on iPhones and iPads and creating access to existing databases via these mobile devices.
  • Interapplication Communication on iOS via FileMaker as a dashboard to your own information and to information on the web. Using other apps incoming and outgoing. So, you might want to send a note from a FileMaker database to another app for processing there because that app has special capabilities that FileMaker doesn’t have. iOS Apps like Chrome, Wikipanion, Articles, Drafts and lots more are of interest here. This is an exploding area that can magnify the power of both your database and your mobile device.
  • FileMaker Pro 19. I am always interested in the ongoingly enhanced design surface in FileMaker Pro 19, even better support for iOS devices and using the full powers of FileMaker to automate routine knowledge work and provide full and free access to knowledge workers and business owners  to the data in-house and on the web.
  • Stories about simple FileMaker tips, tricks, techniques and best practices that apply broadly. That means almost anyone using FileMaker as a creative tool will be able to apply the information. Obscure or overly complicated solutions will generally be avoided.
  • Less is More. FileMaker is an incredibly efficient database tool that minimizes the need for programming. It has a straight-forward scripting language. Programmers and aspiring programmers often use FileMaker’s scripting capacity excessively and miss the simple commands and script steps that replace the need for most programming. Generally, I program when that is the only way to get a job done and that job is very high value. Otherwise, less is better. Keep it simple and your end-users will be empowered to mold the tool to their needs.
  • Subject Matter Experts Rule. FileMaker makes it possible not to have a split between programmer and subject matter expert. That means the system and business analyst can be the developer and, yes, the subject matter expert can be the developer. I see my role as a business and system analyst with master of FileMaker who can collaborate with my subject matter expert clients. My clients know their business and needs better than I do. I want my clients to feel powerful and in control of the creation and use of their databases.

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