FileMaker 7 for $107.99 at Hardcore Mac

I was googling for FileMaker-compatible credit card authorization software and saw this ad from Hardcore Mac at in the Google adsense ads. You get a full original CD and a serial number, no user manual. Seems legit. Several readers have saved thousands on some of the other deals I noted on this site and thanked me. I can’t vouch for the vendor but I would be surprised if it’s not OK. The other contact information is – (702) 307-6251 – (702) 307-8774 fax.

They say the CD runs on Windows and Mac OS X. Even though I really have enough copies of FileMaker 7 already, I’m tempted to get another copy at these prices. Also, of course, FileMaker has a special deal on FileMaker going on called “Buy one FileMaker, give one Free” that amounts to selling the product with manual for $150. But that has some hoops to go through and you’ve got to coordinate with someone else. As usual, I make nothing on this referral. Just wanted to let you all know.

2 thoughts on “FileMaker 7 for $107.99 at Hardcore Mac

  1. steve

    i don’t think it’s legit; a friend of mine ordered from there and registered the software; later he received an email from FileMaker Inc. informing him as follows; he says his CD looks legit according to the description below, but apparently the serial number is not valid
    > Subject: Illegal use of FileMaker Software notification
    > From:
    > FileMaker, Inc. Legal Department
    > Dear
    > Customer,
    > FileMaker has discovered that you may have unsuspectingly purchased an
    > illegal counterfeit version of our software. The License Key that you
    > supplied when you registered your FileMaker software is on our list of
    > counterfeit and non-valid License Keys.
    > Unless you received the full retail product in the original FileMaker
    > box with printed documentation, you should immediately stop using the
    > software in your current possession, demand a full refund from your
    > reseller, and order a valid version. You may order a valid
    > version:
    > […]
    > You can verify that your software is counterfeit by looking at
    > the inner clear plastic part of the CD which will contain the Source
    > Identification Code “IFPI E2” followed by two digits on the
    > inner hub. CDs with this code were not manufactured by FileMaker, and
    > are counterfeit.

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