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If it Works, it’s Obsolete


I was just reading the #2-rated pdf manifesto over at Change This. The manifesto is entitled This I Believe! – Tom Peters 60 TIBs that he wrote right around his 60th birthday. I found the above quote by Marshall McLuhan applicable to FileMaker 7 and my product, which is still in Beta, Studio Manager 7. FileMaker 6 is solid as a rock and 7 still has teething problems here and there. FileMaker 6 is obsolete – it’s not built with FileMaker 7. Same for Studio Manager 4.6. If McLuhan could say this in the sixties, I hate to guess how utterly true it is now. Food for thought.

The work of building Studio Manager 7 has been monumental. But, I’m so glad that FileMaker Inc. had the courage and vision to create such a big, progressive, ground-up re-write of FileMaker that I would find the work so compelling. The possibilities so exciting. I thought Studio Manager 4 was a big deal. Little did I know…

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