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FileMaker Advisor Magazine Rocks


I just renewed my subscription to FileMaker Advisor magazine. The reason I did with pleasure is that they’ve got all their articles for the last three years online. I didn’t have to wait after I subscribed. The subscriptions person I reached by phone (800-336-6060) was able to walk me through the process and even change my username and password for me to what I preferred.

Now, instead of waiting 4-6 weeks for a paper copy of the latest magazine to arrive, I have access today to all the articles in the Dec/Jan 2005 issue!

Plus, I get a retroactive 3 year subscription for the price of one future year. The subscription for 6 issues in 12 months is $49. Given the massive amount of new and valuable information that is being generated by top FileMaker developers in this magazine, the money is very well spent.

If you want a quicker and easier way to climb the FileMaker 7 learning curve, FileMaker Advisor is one of the best information sources there is. If you aren’t a subscriber or have let your subscription lapse like me, head on over and check it out.

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