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FIleMaker 8: New Debugging Tools

Besides an improved debugger in FileMaker 8 Advanced, you now have two new tools in your debugging toolbox: Script Disabling and Data Viewer.

Script Disabling. I frequently have wanted something like this in longer scripts. When I’m working on a problem in one part of the script, I want the script to just run the part I am working on. Now that’s easy by just disabling the lines I don’t want to run with the Disable button in the Script Edit dialog box.

Data Viewer. This viewer makes it super easy to see what your script is doing – exactly. You can view the contents of any fields you want as the script goes through its paces.

Good stuff. FileMaker 8 Advanced is a must have for anyone who is developing a FileMaker database with any significant level of complexity at all. I consider the upgrade price of $299 to be a steal. But if you are someone who is developing databases, the very best way to get it is to become a FileMaker Solutions Alliance member and get it plus the regular version of FileMaker 8 as a benefit of membership.

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FileMaker 7 Wishlist: Edit Scripts with a Text Editor

I just found out why some FileMaker developers have asked to be able to edit scripts with a text editor. I want to insert a single script step – a Set Field – into over 100 of my scripts for this project I’m working on. If those Scripts were editable in a text editor, I could do a single Find and Replace to get this done in less than a minute. But no, I’m going to spend 1-2 hours doing it one script at a time. Ouch!