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FileMaker 7 Wishlist: Edit Scripts with a Text Editor

I just found out why some FileMaker developers have asked to be able to edit scripts with a text editor. I want to insert a single script step – a Set Field – into over 100 of my scripts for this project I’m working on. If those Scripts were editable in a text editor, I could do a single Find and Replace to get this done in less than a minute. But no, I’m going to spend 1-2 hours doing it one script at a time. Ouch!

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Can you help me?
I sent you an email a few days ago, but have not heard back from you. Maybe my email was considered spam by your email client. Here is the body of my email:
I got to your web page from a link in FMForums on comparisons between FMRobot and FMMigrator. I have read nearly all on you web page and thank you for giving clear explanations to many FM 7 conversion issues.
Here is my problem: I have a database of 10 files that I need to convert to FM 7. I have purchased MetaDataMagic and have found it extremely useful in fixing my FM 6 database. I would like to use FMRobot to convert all the files to FM 7 into one file, but do not have FM Developer or FM Robot. I can’t see buying these because I am not a FM developer and only need to convert my business database to FM 7 and then I am done.
Would you be willing to convert my files and if so what would it cost?
Thank you – Sam

I keep hoping that Filemaker Pro decides to the the “Pro” part of their name seriously. I’m quickly giving up hope. I’m not spending anymore money on FMP until they let us do simple things, like editing scripts in a text editor. I’m tired of the amount of time I have to spend in the script editor fixing stuff that the import script command didn’t get right. Of doing the same things over and over and over, and over again because FMP thinks I’m stupid.
It’s time to open up the architecture. With PHP and MySQL now so readily, and freely, available I can no longer recommend to someone that they consider FMP for web development. It’s fine for office use, but barely. Which is a shame because it used to not be that way.
Anyways, in our office we’re going to stick with 5.5 & 6. We’ll never get another FMP upgrade unless they decide to make a program that meets modern standards. Even a small office can set up a browser based system using PHP and MySQL cheaper than they can an FMP server system.
BTW, I started giving up on FMP when I installed the Server 6 on an OSX machine and found out that it won’t run as a service. We can’t auto start the server without funky Applescripting, which brings up the point that FMP Server doesn’t support Applescript. What idiot…?

Joe Edmon wrote “FMP Server doesn’t support Applescript”
take a look at the shell commands for administering FileMaker server — any of those commands can be issued by AppleScript using do shell script

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