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Address Book Manipulator Looks Good


Productive Computing has just released version 2 of their Address Book Manipulator plug-in. They’ve done a lot of work to make it easy for the rest of us to talk to Address Book from our FileMaker databases. With the help of this plug-in, you can push a record to address book and you can pull an Address Book record into FileMaker.

One of the buttons available on the Pull tab is All Contacts. That lets you pull every Address Book entry you have into the demo FileMaker file. With the demo! I just imported all 1588 Address Book entries I have in my Address Book into the demo file. I could now import this data into the FileMaker file of my choosing.

That’s great for starters. But the most important functionality here is that you can keep the two in sync by moving data from Address Book to FileMaker or FileMaker to Address Book depending on where you happen to enter the data first.

Because Productive’s plug-in is probably written in a low-level language like C, performance is, as they say, lightning fast. Also, I’m running on a MacBook so I am also getting the benefit of the fact that this is a Universal plug-in that works optimally on both PowerPC and Intel processors.

Here’s the link for their press release dated November 7.

The Plug-in is selling for $60 for a single-user license, $270 for a 5-user license and $432 for a 10-user license. If you have a mission-critical FileMaker application in your company or work group that includes a contacts table and you are Mac-based, Address Book Manipulator v2 could be just what you need.

A free demo version of the plug-in is available with a full-access demo FileMaker file that can push and pull data and demonstrate various additional functions including search. I’m using it right now.

Here is what the relationships graph looks like. On the left is a *viewer* table and on the right is the *data* table where the contacts are stored in flat records.


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C is not a low-level language, it is a high-level language. Low-level languages are things like assembler or machine code. While you are correct in stating that low-level languages usually make for speedy programs, C is neither low-level, nor speedy.

I think you need an eCup of coffee. wake up to a new day
I’ve programed on PDP-11 in assembly,… pushed for C++ , Java, worked for NeXT on Obj-C , ect.
They are NOT a “high” level language
– Java script, AppleScript et al. are HIGH LEVEL
You sir, should get with the program… unless you like your 8-track player.

Thanks, Garcorp, for handling that one for me. C is high-level if you compare it to lower level languages like assemblor or machine code. But it is low-level when you look at Java script, AppleScript or, even-higher, even FileMaker. Since computer power keeps increasing year after year, we have *room* to use these tools that let us build very powerful systems with simple scripting languages. The idea of higher-level languages has always been to leverage the increased power of computers to allow systems to be developed quickly in fairly simple terms. This gives us software that allows us to quickly put together a system that can then also be easily modified and extended and maintained in the future.

Syncronisation is not a solution – it’s the creation of a chore. What (hence really needs is a way to connect to the company filemaker contact database and filter based on workgroup – in real time. Surely not that difficult since it already has LDAP support. The missing piece is a way for Filemaker Server to pretend it’s an LDAP service* – and an interface to configure it. (Filemaker Inc – if you’re listening, I’d upgrade my FMPSA from v8 to v9 for the privilege).
Perhaps there’s a conflict of interest here – users no longer need filemaker if all they need is email address.
* Or something better – LDAP, as I know it, only provides name and email address. Address Book has everything from Maiden Name to Birthday.

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