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I’ve written a few brief blurbs in my twitter stream of late that I thought you should know about. I’ve provided a bit more detail here since I’ve got plenty of room. The 140 character limit on twitter forces brevity.

Feel free to follow me on twitter. I’m tokerud. My posts tend heavily towards personal technology. If you use an iPhone or iPod touch, you gotta use Tweetie. At $2.99, it is a great little app.

Here you go:

Download Twitter Data to FileMaker. At, It is a snap to download all your followers, people you follow and all the tweets in your twitter stream plus the last 1000 of your own tweets. Select *Everything* and then click the *Get ’em!* button.

FileMaker Developer Cards. Color laminated 8.5×11. Color highlights for which version of FM. $14.95. Available at cardsfm.comYou get two, two-sided cards. Way cool. Really well done!

FileMaker Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. August 13-16. I’m local – a ferry ride away in Tiburon so will be commuting. Hope to see you there.

Please, No More Fake tabs. I used native tabs in my FileMaker product 2 yrs ago because they look cool and are simple to use and change. With FM10 script triggers attached to tab controls, tabs can fulfill their rightful destiny.

Cramped Screens? Most definitely. The user interface of FileMaker 10 is now more friendly and flexible with a customizable status toolbar on top. But, entry screens built in previous versions of FileMaker, will seem cramped on the left without a status area there. Make your screens shorter and wider to compensate. FileMaker 10 is well worth the effort!

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