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FileMaker Pro 6 Worked Once in Leopard

No guarantees, but I did have success working in FileMaker Pro 6 with a copy of a client’s data in Leopard. I would not try this with live data at all. But, it’s nice that I did have no problems working in FileMaker 6 for 30 minutes doing several different operations.

FileMaker Inc. will not go back and test FileMaker Pro 6 to assure that it is fully compatible with Leopard. They don’t have the resources to go back that far. That means, use at your own risk. This is a tough situation for FileMaker consultants because most of us want to run the latest version of OS X. I have enough computers (3) that I can keep one on Tiger, if need be, but many of us will need to choose to stay compatible or move on.

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We have a fairly complex multifile application (a document management system) based on FM 5.5 server (Windows 2003), I access this daily with a Mac client running v5.5 and Leopard since early December… no problems…

That is great to hear. I have been continuing to look fairly extensively on the Net for people’s experiences. What I’ve seen so far is people saying Leopard works fine when you use FileMaker Pro 6 as a client but that there are or may be problems when you try serving the files from Leopard with an older version of FileMaker – specifically 5.5. I’m not the final word by any means but it looks like personal use of a FIleMaker fp5 file will probably be fine with Leopard which is good news for FileMaker consultants who want to help old clients or new clients with older versions of FileMaker still putting along.

I would have to ditto Janet’s comments regarding Leopard on a Mac Server running fp5.5. We are experiencing problems in a small biz
network running a G5 Tower / Leopard / FMPRO 5.5. Seems the
three windows clients w/ XP are having problems and are locking up for no apparent reason. I’m running on a Mac and it is working fine—just seems to be the Windows machines with the issue. Hmmmm.
Any thoughts?

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