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FileMaker 7 Migration Bootcamp Day 2


In keeping with the bootcamp theme, Danny and Todd showed little mercy today. We were subjected to hour after hour of all the things that can go wrong (Danny calls them challenges) when files are converted from 6 to 7. It wasn’t pretty.

Even though we were all near brain death by the end of the day, we staggered out knowing much more than we came in with. Finally, in the last 1/2 hour of the day, Danny spent some time talking about how we can deal with, ameliorate or prevent the kinds of things we spent all day with. Needless to say we were grateful.

As a sort of reward and encouragement, Danny gave us two key tools to help us when we get back to the *real world* and start the work of migration in earnest:

  • Example files for the entire day’s trainings, each illustrating a particular potential point of failure. Each of the examples includes an FM5 version and an FM7 version.
  • Migration Manager. A roadmap and resource cache – naturally occuring as an FM7 application devoted to helping us manage our migrations systematically and precisely.

After the class, I was so motivated that I spent about an hour and half this evening writing notes and planning the next steps for migrating my Studio Manager product to FileMaker 7. That really helped me feel ready for Day 3 of bootcamp. I’m still on my feet and ready to go. Day 3 should be the best day. Stay tuned!

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