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Getting Ready for FileMaker Devcon


Yay! it is almost time to fly off to sunny Phoenix, AZ for devcon. I just put up 41 photos from last year’s conference over at Flickr. If you want to see what you are missing or can look forward to, have a look. When I looked at them I got even more excited. Except for moderate weather, Desert Ridge has it all.

These were taken either before the conference got started or in the evening in a spare moment. I never actually photographed the conference events themselves. I was way too busy gathering information and talking to people to play photographer.

Last year was my chance to learn as much as I possibly could about FileMaker 7. This year will be a big learning opportunity too, but I’m expecting it to be a little less mind-bending. The most crazy it could get is if FileMaker 8 gets released and people start trying to master that in 3 days.

This time I’m vowing to be moderate. That’s hard because almost every minute is packed with some kind of opportunity. During the breaks there’s more to learn and more people to meet. My salvation may be in getting into the pool every day and not staying up all hours partying with FileMaker attendees playing old time rock and roll. You almost have to go into training ahead time to handle these conferences.

I hope to be selective in attending sessions because there are about 7 or 8 a day for 3 days straight and you just cannot absorb that much information non-stop. Instead, I’ll take some breaks to research things at the vendor booths and hang out with my fellow Filemaker professionals.

Besides meeting people from all over the world, I especially hope to meet a few who have customers in the creative services industry where I work. It used to be that most FileMaker consultants worked in this area, but now that FileMaker is cross-platform, every industry is represented. And FileMaker consultants in less populated areas, tend to have really broad and mixed practices.

Looking at ll those photos from last year reminds me how fancy that resort really is. It’s deluxe!

Devcon Sunset

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