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I’m Reworking My Format

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that the formatting for FileMaker Fever is temporarily in flux. I had been using a custom design but TypePad now allows me to use all of its make-it-dead-easy features and then customize on top of that – which gives me what I’ve been asking for. Full customizability without losing all the ease of use I signed up for.

This is one of TypePad’s new themes called April — I’m changing the colors a bit to give it a little more weight. I was looking for a theme with a white center column to match all my previously formatted graphics. I kind of like blue for this to compliment FileMaker’s blue. But I like dotted link underlines which I’ve added and prefer Georgia to the Times Roman default. And wanted a little larger type with more space. Now I just need to eliminate the underlines in the side column links.

I plan to customize further to get exactly what I want. However, the documentation is sparse so it may take a little while. Fiddling with the CSS is fun but I can never remember the exact syntax since I only use it every few months. I just customized the Studio Manager Bulletin theme to my satisfaction. This one is improving.

Luckily, TypePad’s support team provide a personal touch that fills the gaps when you get stuck and have a specific question. All I had to do was load the generic style sheet for April and then copy any pieces of it that I wanted to change to the Custom CSS entry box. Then I’ve been making little tweaks and previewing until I get what I am looking for. It’s easy people. Let’s see some more FileMaker bloggers out there!

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