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New Tech Brief on Migrating to FileMaker 8

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Bob Bowers, FileMaker book author and CEO of Soliant Consulting, one of the top FileMaker consulting firms, has written a very practical and experience-based guide to migrating pre-7 solutions to 8. It is available as a pdf at FileMaker’s website. It’s called Best Practices Upgrading to FileMaker 8: Migrating pre-.fp7 solutions to FileMaker 8 and getting the most out of the new FileMaker 8 features.

Read this before you upgrade from FileMaker 4/5/6 and you should be in good shape. Much better shape than you would be without it. Don’t forget to complete the checklist.

Many of the other technical briefs are now referring to FileMaker 8, but some seem to have just be superficially refreshed. There may be some important changes here and there, though, that I haven’t spotted yet. Please let me know what you find. All the technical briefs are available here.

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