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Stretching FileMaker 7 Table Occurrences


It’s easy to run out of room on your Relationships Graph. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to easily widen or narrow table occurrences (TOs)? You can move and resize TOs using the arrow keys. In this example, the Contact TO has been widened using Control-Shift-Right arrow. The Phone TO has been narrowed using Control-Shift-Left arrow.

You can also select the TOs with the keyboard by typing the letter of the TO in this case typing p selects the Phone TO and c selects Contact.

Moving TOs

Here I just typed p to select the Phone TO and then typed Control-Right arrow to move the Phone TO over a bit to the right and then Control-Down arrow to move it down a bit. Couldn’t be any easier! [I created these two tables for an exercise in Learn FileMaker Pro 7 by Jonathan Stars which I reviewed on August 5th.]

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