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FileMaker Pro 9 Bible Likely to Be Awesome

I’ve heard author Ray Cologon talk on podcasts and think he is very cool. I am sure this book will be amazing. I will write about it in more detail soon. It is on order from Amazon and will be here in a couple days.

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It is awesome. Ray Cologons work speaks to a niche of developers that are well versed in FileMaker without leaving out the less experienced. Everyone who uses Filemaker on any level will walk away with real world practical uses. The rewrite blows away any previous Filemaker Bible. The depth of knowledge expressed by the author has a definite curve to it, yet it is a reference work that anyone using Filemaker will refer to for some time to come.

Does any one know how to get a custom menu to run a script every time it is used manually or frim another script?
Any help would be appreciated.
-Jim H

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