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I’m on Twitter now looking for some FileMaker developers to join me

I am very enthused and interested in the recent developments on the social web. Recently I blogged here suggesting FileMaker developers start contributing links they run across to share with other developers on

Twitter is a way of posting short text messages to the web and subscribing to people’s posts of their text messages. If you join Twitter (at, you can get your own *page* and account for free. All you need to provide is an email address. Don’t quibble, you can always get a new free email account from gmail, yahoo or whatever if you want to keep your privacy.

My Twitter *name* is tokerud. No surprise there. My domain on the web is, so I thought I would stick with my last name. Come-on FileMaker friends out there, get an account and follow me or not or somehow let me know your Twitter name so I can follow you.

The idea with Twitter is that you permit people to see what you have to say — I mostly talk about my ideas and discoveries when they are short snippets. I think of it as microblogging. But the norm on Twitter is simply to say what you are doing right now. Since I have a web presence and a business, I want to provide a little value to people in most of my Twitter posts so I would not post 10 times a day when I do some routine thing. Instead, I would post something major like I’m flying to the FileMaker Developer’s conference right now. Something more than what I ate for breakfast.

There is such a thing as the FileMaker community all around us and extended out over the globe but much of it is latent. There are many more FileMaker users at all levels than you know. There are answers to questions, interesting ideas and knowledge, FileMaker tricks and friends out there that you don’t know yet. In Here Comes Everybody, a good new book about the social web, Clay Shirky talks about latent groups. Groups and communities waiting to happen.

Because the cost of communication is dramatically reduced by web tools of various kinds, latent groups start emerging. We have a FileMaker community, but I suggest it is a lot more latent than it needs to be. I want a vibrant and visible and available FileMaker community around me. All sorts of free sharing is possible. I’m not saying professional filemaker developers will take lots of time to give away their knowledge, but if each gives away a small bit and receives even more in return we all benefit.

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there is a conversation between clay shirky and daniel goleman (author of emotional intelligence) which you might find interesting. it’s called ‘socially intelligent computing’ and there are free samples available for listening at

Hi FileMaker readers. Re the above comment, it is a bit of a spam in that (1) I’m betting someone googled for Here Comes Everybody or Clay Shirky and then just pasted it in as a comment and (2) there’s no useable URL where I can go back and check out the *source* of the comment. The URL cited in the comment above to (undoubtedly the employer of the commenter probably as a PR agent) is selling the interview which the commenter failed to mention. The only reason I’m keeping this comment is because some of you may be interested enough to see shirky and goleman chat. Just wanted to give you fair warning.

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