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FileMaker 7 Custom Functions Rock

FM_Dev7_BoxI just got a big smile on my face a minute ago. I’ve been careful not to put spaces into table, field, layout and table occurrence names in building Studio Manager 7 because web publishing and other IT tools can’t handle spaces. So much for user friendly!

I’m using underscores instead of spaces. It’s readable but geeky. But sometimes I want to display something with spaces instead of the underlines. For example, I put the base Table name on each layout. Since I expect to need this ability to use spaces instead of underlines often, I decided to create a custom function for it.

You need the developer version of FileMaker 7 which I have (it’s free if you are a FileMaker Solutions Alliance member and otherwise costs an extra $200 over the basic version).

It takes about 2 seconds to create a custom function like this. You just choose File/Define–>Custom Functions and then name it, name any parameters you need and put in the calculation which in this case looks like this: Substitute ( text ; “_” ; ” ” ). I named the function subSpace.

I got the smile on my face after using my custom function to get the underscores out of the table name with this calculation: TableName = subSpace(gTable).

I forgot to mention that I had already created a Custom Function for Get(LayoutTableName). That’s where the gTable comes from.

At the most basic level, these custom functions serve as great little *Type-It-For-Me* shortcuts. I’ll be covering Custom Functions more in the future as I find really useful ones to share.

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