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Important Free FileMaker 7 v3 Upgrades

FileMaker 7Today FileMaker Inc. announced and made available for download the 7.03 updaters for FileMaker 7 and FileMaker Developer 7. These are must have upgrades according to my sources and are recommended for all FileMaker 7 users. I’m still doing the download myself, so can’t give you first hand information yet. The Mac OS X download is 26 mb.

Here’s what the download page says about the upgrades:

FM7 v3: Includes changes to text editing, layout editing, scripting, calculations, import/export and more.

FM Dev 7 v3: Includes changes to script debugger, DDR, and Developer Utilities and more.

Go get the downloads now. There’s a combo download for Mac and 2 downloads for PC.

The included 8 page ReadMe pdf has a thorough breakdown of what’s been fixed, changed and added in these updates.

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