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FileMaker 7: Printing Field Definitions

ToolBoxIcon_smallIf you’ve had trouble printing field definitions in FileMaker 7, it’s because the functionality has moved and improved. The print button is now in the field list under Define Database in the lower left corner.

The second thing to know to avoid frustration is that the Print button only prints selected fields. If one field is selected, only one field will print. If you want the full list of field definitions, just select all (Cmd-A or Cntrl-A) when in the field list and click the Print button.

You can now be selective about which field definitions you print. It’s not an all or nothing proposition anymore. Just shift-click to select a group of fields and cmd-click to select individual fields.

Now you can save trees when you print field definitions. You don’t have to print out a really long list just to see a few calculations in hard copy. Another benefit that developers will appreciate is that you can give your customer a selective list of field definitions for documentation or training purposes. That could be handy.

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