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First Available FileMaker 7 Book

SamsTeachYourselfFM7in24hrsOK. I ordered my first FileMaker 7 book tonight from Amazon: Sams Teach Yourself FIleMaker in 24 Hours by Jesse Feiler. They are saying it is available and in stock now! There’s one review at Amazon from an experienced FileMaker user and she is quite positive about the book. Kinda doesn’t matter to me. It’s a FileMaker 7 book. I want it. Damages only $16.99.

By the way, Feiler has written lots of Macintosh books and two FileMaker books including one on scripting and calculations. I take that to mean he’s a pretty good writer and knows enough FileMaker to provide value.

I plan to buy several FileMaker 7 books. And a bunch are in the works. I’ll be writing more about books soon.

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